About Fishingery

Fishing has been my passion for as long as I can remember. But, I didn’t pursue it until later years of my life. It was too overwhelming for me to create my own blog and write about my experiences there. So, instead, I started writing on various media portals about my lifetime experience of fishing.

I have been doing so since 2009, and it has been working pretty well for me, except for one thing, those places were not mine to share my experiences on; they always felt strange to me even though the website owners made me feel welcomed.

But, now on this website, it is time for me to share my experiences in an environment that feels home to me. Here you will find the accounts of all the things that I experienced during my fishing sprees. This will not only be a way for me to recount my tales, but it will also help you find the best stuff you will need for fishing.

My name is David Phillips, and I will take you on a fishing rollercoaster which will make you fall in love with this sport (if you are not already in love with fishing).

I have always been in love with fishing. My Pops used to take me with him whenever he and his friends went to catch some fish. There was no weekend when he wouldn’t plan a trip with all his buddies down the river. Some days they had luck on their side, and they would get hold of bass, carp, catfish, or even goldfish, while other days, they would come back with nothing but a bunch of minnows.

For a very long time, I didn’t really do anything on those trips except for watching and learning. But, as I grew up, my Pops would let me cast the baits a few times. He would correct my posture and my technique on the way.

The way he guided me during those instances is one of the best memories I have of fishing. We would laugh at how I fished at the end of the day when we sat down near the bonfire to cook our catch. Those were the golden days. Then as the years passed, my Pops and I started arranging our fishing trips. Just a father-son duo out in the ocean, bonding over the fun he used to make of me over the fish that I couldn’t catch. But I learned from the best.

But it’s been 11 years since my Pops stopped taking me with him because he died of cancer. There was still so much that I could learn from him. But, since he was not there to guide me and hold my hand during these trips anymore, I had to learn many things myself. This is what led me to write about all my experiences of fishing. I started Fishingery.com to help people like me who have a passion for fishing and who want to learn everything about it.

Let me share some basic yet important things about fishing which will tell you what my website is about and what it can teach you.

Facts; that you should know about fishing:

1- Learning to cast the bait. This is something that I learned by watching my dad and his friends. You learn to cast the bait before you learn to tie the bait or reel the fish back in. This is because casting is something that your whole fishing depends on. Poor casting skills can lead to missed opportunities.

2- Using cheap lures. If you want your fishing trip to be a success, then never use your favorite lure or bait. Because if you use your favorite bait, then you will be worried more about losing your bait than catching the fish. So it is always better to choose the bait and lures you don’t like because your liking really doesn’t matter as long as fish likes them and are attracted to them. Even cheap lures and baits would work.

3- Always be confident. The best thing a new angler can do is to be confident at what they are doing. You, as a fisher, should always have more confidence in what you are doing. Confidence is the only key to successfully doing fishing is to be confident about it. Even if you are not feeling confident, if you act like you are confident, you will also feel confident.

4- Learn about your lures and bait. If you buy a new set of lures, then you will need some time to learn the ins and outs of the lures. So, there is no issue in learning more about your lures and failing once or twice while fishing.

5- Using a kayak is the best option. If you are new at fishing, then most probably don’t have a boat. So, the best option is to use a kayak which you can even rent. Kayaks are ideal for you as they are light and affordable. You can also easily catch fish as you won’t have to manage a whole boat.

6- Be prepared for everything. There is one thing that you should always be prepared for everything and anything on the sea. To be always prepared means to be ready for even a fish’s attack, to be prepared to change lures to attract more fish, and to face the worst weather because the one thing that is certain about seas is that it is uncertain and anything can happen.

7- Freshwater vs saltwater. Well, both these places are exactly like their name suggests. So, to decide where you want to fish, you need to know which fish you want to catch. Freshwater has a less than 1% salinity level, but saltwater has a 70%-80% salinity rate. If you want to catch bluegills, crappies, carp, perch, northern pike, walleyes, catfish, bass, perch trout, and the like, then you should head to freshwater.

The best freshwater places are lakes, ponds, and rivers. But, if you want to catch Chromis, blue devil damselfish, firefish, clownfish, angelfish, blue hippo tang, coral beauty, yellowtail, and the like, then saltwater is your place. The best saltwater places are seas, oceans, and saltwater reservoirs.

8- Safety first! I recommend that you first try to fish near the shore before taking your boat to the deep waters. This is because fishing isn’t just about catching fish. It is about balancing your boat, yourself, and your fish. If you are not careful, you can get dis-balanced and fall into the water, or a fish can even bite you, causing a septic wound.

Always carry your fishing license, wear a life jacket, bring a first aid kit, food, water, knives, torches, extra batteries, storage boxes, and protective gear (like glasses, gloves, waterproof coats, hat, sunscreen).

About Fishingery 2

I learned all this in my 37 years of fishing experience, and I am more than happy to pay this information forward. Fishingery.com is a hope to give voice to all the adventures I have had. The whole point of starting my own fishing platform was that I would be able to connect to people with similar interests.

This website has helped me to find and connect to some fantastic people. Some of these people are even great friends of mine who accompany me on fishing trips. I, along with them, have a few of the best adventures of my life.

Going out with my friends on fishing trips reminds me of my Pops and his friends. Sometimes my little ones also tag along on these trips, so it is the perfect opportunity for me to recreate the old days.

Hopefully, this website will bring bliss, delight and be a source of knowledge for you like it is for me. Not only will you be able to learn about my fishing adventures, but you will also be able to learn more about the following things:

  • Best fishing equipment.
  • Comparison between equipment like rods, reels, tackle boxes, fishes, etc.
  • Reviews of fishing equipment like boats, fishing rods, fishing wires, tools, fishing gear, shoes, tackles, baits, storage boxes, knives, etc.
  • Best place to fish (either freshwater or saltwater).
  • How to guides fishing and various other things.
  • Which are the best things to buy for successful fishing.
  • Buying online guides for fishing trips.
  • Best weather and fishing seasons.
  • Everything else you need to learn about fishing and fish.

So, I’ll see you around on Fishingery.com, fellow fisher!

Happy fishing.