Best Spinning Reels For Bass Fishing In 2023 (Updated Guide)

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Bass fishing comes with an unmatched thrill since these species are known to put up hefty fights with anglers. No wonder, a strong and highly functional spinning reel is a prerequisite for catching a bass.

Before you plunge yourself into a river, or a stream, make sure you have an all-around versatile instrument that gives you an edge during the wrestle.

However, finding a quality reel in the overwhelmingly saturated market is a tough task. And people having no clue would struggle hugely in picking out the right option. No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced user, you need assistance to find the spinning reel that matches your needs.

Plenty of things needs to be considered before making the final choice, such as body material, frame construction, gear ratio, number of bearings, and the list goes on. The guide we have put together will teach you how to make a sound decision.

Best Spinning Reel For Bass – Detailed Chart For Comparison!


Product Name




Small Product Image of Shimano Stradic Ci4

Shimano Stradic Ci4+

Ci4+ Carbon Body.

X-Ship Tech Gives Gear Durability.

Ball Bearings 6 + 1.

Small Product Image of Pflueger Supreme XT

Pflueger Supreme XT

Lighter Than Aluminum.

Instant Anti-Reverse Switch.

Ball bearings 9 + 1.

Small Product Image of Cadence CS10

Cadence CS10

Ultralight Magnesium Frame.

Carbon Fiber Drag System.

Ball Bearings 10 + 1.

Small Product Image of Okuma Trio

Okuma Trio

Aluminum & Graphite Body.

Dual Force Drag System.

Ball Bearings 9 + 1.

Small Product Image of Abu Garcia Revo Rocket

Abu Garcia Revo Rocket

AMGearing System.

C6 Carbon Body.

Ball Bearings 9 + 1.

Small Product Image of Pflueger Patriarch

Pflueger Patriarch

EVA Knob is 20% Lighter.

Ultra Lightweight Magnesium.

Ball Bearings: 9 + 1.

Best Spinning Reel For Bass

Here, we have rounded up some high-quality reels that will surely take your fishing game to the next level. The list is followed by a comprehensive guide to further educate you on how to make a smart decision. So, without delaying any further, let’s find out which is best spinning reel for bass fishing.

#1 – Shimano Stradic Ci4+

– Key Features

  • Family Type: Spinning
  • CI4+ carbon body
  • Ball bearings: 6 + 1
  • CI4+ carbon body
  • Gear ratio: 6.0:1, 6.2:1
  • X-ship technology
  • line propulsion management system
  • Retrieve Per Crank Range (in): 31 to 35
  • Mono line cap (STCI41000HGFB): 2/270; 4/140; 6/110
  • Power Pro line cap (STCI41000HGFB): 10/95; 15/85; 20/65
  • Built-in Fluidrive II system
  • Drag range (lb.): 7 to 24

– Positives:

  • It is very lightweight and easy to manage.
  • The body is durable and can withstand immense pressure.
  • It goes for both saltwater and freshwater.
  • The operation is pretty smooth and effortless.
  • It comes with multiple size options.
  • It is versatile in nature and can be used for many types of fishes.
  • The lines do not entangle because of the line management mechanism.

– Drawbacks:

  • The body isn’t all carbon, as some parts are made with plastic.
  • You cannot back-reel with this instrument.
  • It doesn’t include an anti-reverse switch.

The brand continues to meet the customers’ expectations by throwing great products like Stradic Ci4+ in the market. It is incredibly smooth, comfortable, and lightweight, ensuring supreme usability for fighting with hard-to-catch species. As for the build quality, the reel is constructed with sturdy yet weightless Ci4 carbon — heavy-duty material that is built to last.

Usually, the drag system is where you can easily differentiate between a good and bad spinning reel. Stradic’s drags system is of superior quality, meaning the operation will be smooth no matter how colossal the trophy is. You will hear clicks that indicate readjustment of the resistance, that keeps the wrestling smooth.

The reel is outfitted with six ball bearings, each serves as an anti-friction element, allowing you to fish as smoothly as possible. One more feature that stands out from the crowd is the outstanding line propulsion management system, that effectively prevents twists and knots.

My Verdict:

Because of its lightweight body, durable construction, and functional nature, it deserves to be included in your fishing arsenal. Plus, it is great for saltwater as well as freshwater, allowing you to use the reel as per your preference.

However, it may have some plastic parts and doesn’t include an anti-reverse switch, but the reel is still worth your investment. On the whole, it is a great option not just for bass fishing but also for any common species you desire.

#2- Pflueger Supreme XT

– Key Features

  • Ball bearings: 9 + 1
  • Instant anti-reverse switch
  • Body material: magnesium
  • Gear ratio: 5.2:1, 6.2:1
  • Max drag (lbs.): 3.6 to 6.3
  • Drag Type: front drag
  • Sealed carbon drag
  • EVA Knob and carbon handle
  • Mono Capacity yd/lbs. (25x): 220/2 110/4 90/6
  • Reel sizes: 4
  • Slow oscillation gearing
  • Braid Capacity yd/lbs. (25x): 200/4 140/6 110/8

– Positives:

  • The magnesium body provides sturdiness for tough fishing challenges.
  • It is incredibly smooth and easy to use.
  • The instant anti-reverse switch comes in handy occasionally.
  • It is a good choice for catching a variety of species.
  • The handle is lighter than regular reels.
  • It comes in various sizes for you to choose easily as per your needs.

– Drawbacks:

  • The bail arm is quite frail and can easily break.
  • Bails screws come out while reeling.
  • The overall instrument is loosely assembled.

Reinforced with magnesium, the body is the testimony of ultimate strength. It can withstand anything from grappling with huge prizes, rigorous movement, and fast back-reeling. The beyond compare quality and sturdiness is what makes this device worthwhile enough to be on this listicle.

Further, the reel is equipped with a 10-ball bearing system — one on/off instant anti-reverse bearing, and 9 stainless steel ball bearings. The overall drag system is fortified with sealed carbon, making it suitable for inshore as well as freshwater fishing. As you have noticed, the handle is unconventionally carbon-made, which is why it feels 21% lighter than standard aluminum.

Everything from the handle, to the spooling process is incredibly comfortable to hold and operate. Compared with regular reels, it strains the body less while keeping your energy intact throughout the trip.

My Verdict:

Ideal for both fresh- and saltwater, this spinning reel allows you to capture a wide range of species. Plus, the magnesium body backs you up with incredible strength to get a favorable result in every fishing challenge.

Not only seasoned anglers but also the newbies will appreciate what this masterpiece has to offer —a butter-smooth system, and feather-light performance. So, if you seek to empower your skillset, upgrade your fishing armory with a Pflueger Supreme XT spinning reel.

#3 – Cadence CS10 Spinning Reel

– Key Features

  • Ball bearings 10 + 1
  • Carbon matrix drag system
  • Gear ratio: 5.2:1, 6.2:1
  • Weight (oz): 6.3 to 8.5
  • Max drag force (lbs.): 29 to 36
  • Machined aluminum handle
  • Retrieve: left and right
  • Oversized ergonomic EVA handle
  • Machined aluminum spool
  • Carbon composite side plate
  • Carbon composite rotor
  • Line capacity mono lbs./yd (1000): 6/110
  • Line capacity braid lbs./yd (1000): 10/115

– Positives:

  • The handle has an ergonomic design and lightweight construction.
  • The whole unit is easy to control.
  • You can expect ultra-smoothness from the eleven-ball bearing system.
  • The magnesium body makes the instrument very durable.
  • Braid ready machined aluminum spool gives out excellent performance.
  • It is perfect for both freshwater and saltwater.
  • Everything from the spooling and handling is quiet.

– Drawbacks:

  • It is a bit pricey when compared with other models.
  • The lines tangle and get wrapped around the body often.
  • The body is prone to scratches.

Catch big fishes without brawling endlessly. With eleven ball bearings, the reel stands out from anything we have discussed so far. It offers unparalleled smoothness and great drag to tug out the trophy faster and with minimum sweat.

CS10 is ultra-lightweight, and all the credit goes to the high-end magnesium construction, which also ensures great durability. The whole frame, including the bearings, is resistive against corrosion, meaning you can utilize it under saltwater with no worry. No matter the medium, the device will showcase amazing performance and functionality.

The one-piece aluminum bail, on the other hand, makes sure the wielder has full control over the process — not to mention, the oversized carbon handle plays a monumental role in making the process trouble-free. So, you can easily make the right maneuvers to pull the fish out of the water.

My Verdict:

On the whole, the features do rival the expensive reels in terms of performance. However, you can get the same quality and performance at a relatively lower price by other brands, making this investment slightly overpriced.

Keeping the minor flaws aside, the rest of the reel works great, especially when it comes to smooth performance. No surprise because it is equipped with an impressive drag system and eleven anti-corrosion ball bearings.

#4 – Okuma Trio

– Key Features

  • Ball bearings: 9 + 1
  • Quick-set anti-reverse roller bearing
  • Gear ratio: 6.0:1
  • Dual Force Drag System
  • Weight g (30, 40, 55): 295, 306, 417
  • Line retrieve cm (30, 40, 55): 82.8, 82.8, 101.1
  • Mono line capacity mm (30): 0.20/220, 0.25/140, 0.30/100
  • Mono line capacity mm (40): 0.30/170, 0.35/130, 0.40/100
  • Mono line capacity mm (55): 0.35/260, 0.40/200, 0.50/120
  • Max drag force(kg): 8, 9, 10

– Positives:

  • It allows you to cast lines to a great distance with great accuracy.
  • The hybrid natures maximize strength and rigidity.
  • It is highly smooth and efficient.
  • The sturdy frame construction increases durability.
  • It has a corrosion resistive coating, which is best for saltwater use.
  • The dual drag system allows you to apply immense pressure effortlessly.

– Drawbacks:

  • The quality of bail spring assembly is questionable.
  • The gear system is sometimes stuck and produces grinding noises.
  • It is slightly heftier than other models.

Wielding this weapon, no fish will ever be able to skedaddle. The dual force drag system bestows the angler with high levels of precision and accuracy needed to capture all fishes, big and small alike, in its proximity. The system is designed in a way to maximize smoothness, drag pressure, and overall efficiency.

With the 10-ball bearing system, including one quick-set anti-reverse roller bearing, catching trophies will be a breeze. It doesn’t make any jarring sounds even when you are rigorously spooling back, allowing you to concentrate fully on the hunt.

The hybrid design — aluminum lip and graphite arbor — incorporates the sturdiness of the former and the light-weighted nature of the latter. Even though the body is heftier, the operation is still hassle-free. The strong frame makes you confident in what you are doing so that you can put everything you have got into the combat.

My Verdict:

Wielding this weapon, no fish will ever be able to skedaddle. The dual force drag system bestows the angler with high levels of precision and accuracy needed to capture all fishes, big and small alike, in its proximity. The system is designed in a way to maximize smoothness, drag pressure, and overall efficiency.

With the 10-ball bearing system, including one quick-set anti-reverse roller bearing, catching trophies will be a breeze. It doesn’t make any jarring sounds even when you are rigorously spooling back, allowing you to concentrate fully on the hunt.

The hybrid design — aluminum lip and graphite arbor — incorporates the sturdiness of the former and the light-weighted nature of the latter. Even though the body is heftier, the operation is still hassle-free. The strong frame makes you confident in what you are doing so that you can put everything you have got into the combat.

#5 – Abu Garcia Revo Rocket

– Key Features

  • Ball bearings: 9 + 1
  • Reel sizes: 3
  • Instant anti-reverse switch
  • Braid Capacity yd/lbs. (20, 30, 35): 175/8. 180/10, 190/14
  • Max drag force (lbs.): 11
  • Retrieve ratio: 9.0:1
  • Mono capacity yd/lbs. (20): 170/6 120/8 100/10
  • Mono capacity yd/lbs. (30): 225/6 175/8 140/10
  • Mono capacity yd/lbs. (35): 225/6 175/8 140/10
  • Recovery rate cm (20, 30, 35): 94, 102, 112

– Positives:

  • The device allows you to spool back with high speed.
  • The sturdy frame construction ensures durability.
  • It offers a powerful drag to combat big fishes.
  • The work is extremely smooth and comfortable.
  • The cranking is very easy to perform with the Abu Garcia Revo reel.
  • It picks up a good amount of line.
  • The retrieve is amazing and perfect for bass fishing.

– Drawbacks:

  • With high drag, the system gets locked up sometimes.
  • The knob and handles are relatively lighter than other models.

Nothing rivals the ultra-fast retrieval of the Abu Gracia Revo Rocket reel. What could be better than a whopping 9.0:1 that ensures buttery-smooth and blazing fast performance. It is indeed smooth, but the actual working isn’t as refined as you might expect from a costly reel.

The drag system provides an immense drag pressure of 11 lbs., which works fine for lower settings. But as you move up, the system tightens up until it becomes very erratic. It is only for the last few settings; the rest are incredibly consistent and well-programmed.

What’s more, the 10-bearing system adds up the smoothness and ensures great versatility with the corrosion-protective coating. It simply means you can catch both saltwater and freshwater fishes. The overall construction of the frame keeps the body strong against high pressure, especially when you are dealing with a humongous prize.

My Verdict:

A powerful blend of strength, agility, and durability, this reel surpasses all the previous models with a great margin. The first thing that sets this version apart from the rest is the ultra-fast performance due to the incredible retrieve ratio.

It allows fishermen to cast the line to good distances with precision. The hard-pulling bass isn’t a big deal for this device, considering it is outfitted with a powerful carbon matrix drag system.

It may not work at higher drag pressure as efficiently as it should be, but overall, it is a desirable option for all types of applications.

#6 – Pflueger Patriarch

– Key Features

  • Ball bearings: 9 + 1
  • Titanium main shaft
  • EVA knob and carbon handle
  • Retrieve: left and right
  • Sealed carbon drag
  • Gear ratio: 5.2:1
  • Recovery inches per turn (25, 30, 35): 24.5, 27, 28.8
  • Max drag lbs. (25, 30, 35): 5, 10, 14
  • Weight oz (25, 30, 35): 5.3, 6.2, 7.3
  • Braid capacity (25, 30, 35): 6/110, 8/115, 10/150
  • Line capacity (25, 30, 35): 4/110, 6/120, 8/140

– Positives:

  • The system is protected by corrosion-resistive material.
  • The handle is very lightweight and easy to operate.
  • It possesses a lot of power due to smart technology and strong frame construction.
  • The winding power is excellent.
  • There will be zero back-play due to instant anti-reverse bearing.
  • It is easy to maintain and clean.
  • It will serve you for a long time.

– Drawbacks:

  • The smallest size does not have an anti-reverse switch.
  • The line does not wrap around the spool well, resulting in twists.

Pflueger Patriarch dishes out fluid performance and delivers plenty of strength and power, which come from the magnesium body, main titanium shaft, and gear ratio of 5.2:1. Not to forget, it is designed with featherlight material to harmonize with the needs of anglers.

Moreover, you will appreciate the 10 bearing system, ensuring minimum friction and fluid retrieves and casts. The system is lined with corrosion resistive coating to deflect the harshness of saltwater, making it ideal for inshore adventures. Thanks to the additional anti-reverse ball bearing, you will have no back-play problem. Also, the drag system is perfectly sealed so that it can serve you for a long time.

The body is outfitted with a highly ergonomic and functional handle that can easily withstand rigorous movement and heavy use. The knob and handle together give out incredible winding power, thereby making sure no fish escapes your bait.

My Verdict:

It can be your go-to real for bass and many other types of fishing, considering its excellent value performance. This legendary reel packs immense power to tackle challenging fishing trips with the utmost ease.

It may have some issues, especially with the small size (25), as it lacks an anti-reverse switch. This makes the process relatively harder and troublesome for the users. Therefore, if it suits, stay away from the small and size and choose 30 or 35 for the ultimate experience.

Important Factors While Choosing The Best Spinning Reel For Bass

Anyone who’s purchasing a spinning reel for the first time can easily be overwhelmed by the substantial amount of options. Even more so when you are stepping into the market with no prior experience whatsoever. But lay down your worries as we have rounded up all the pivotal information you need to make a sound decision. So, let’s get into it.

Suggested Reading:

Spinning Reel Size, You Should Use For Bass Fishing

One thing that you need to adhere to your mind is that any reel size can catch fish. But the right size will make the process relatively easier. Also, personal preference is the key factor in choosing the appropriate reel size.

Man Holding a Spinning Reel

Usually, spinning reels for bass comes in five different sizes: 1000 (10), 2000 (20), 2500 (25), 3000 (30), 3500 (35). There might be more options, depending on the brand and the reel style, but the aforesaid versions are the most common ones. If lightweight material is your prime concern, choose the smaller sizes. On the opposite, go for the higher numbers if you can handle heftiness.

The size 2500 works best for bass fishing if you aren’t considering any particular feature to go with your skillset. However, the options are highly subjective. For instance, if you are going to fish in a tiny pond, then the size 1000 will be more than enough.

Reel Body & Weight

Two materials are exceptionally prevalent in this area — graphite and aluminum. The former is lightweight in nature, allowing the manufacturers to put forth easy-to-handle reels. The latter, however, is touted to provide strength, sturdiness, and durability.

If you prioritize weightlessness over anything else, graphite should be your first pick. On the other hand, for longevity and matchless power, choose all-aluminum reels. Or, there is midway as well — hybrid reels, having both graphite and aluminum parts.

Understand The Reel Gear Ratio

For starters, it decides how swiftly the line retrieves. So, if you are seeking out fast retrieving reels, a higher gear ratio is your match. But what is it, and how does it work? Let’s dig a little deeper.

Understand The Reel Gear Ratio

It is simply the measure of the reel that turns around the spool per full rotation of the handle. For instance, 5.2:1 implies that for one rotation for the handle, the spool makes 5.2 turns. Anything above 5 is considered good, but you should at least go for a 6.4:1 gear ratio for ultra-fast performance.

Anti-Reverse Handles

The backward spinning of the reel is an unflattering problem that might set your hunt loose. It occurs when the reel rotates in the wrong direction under the enormous pressure of catching huge trophies. But the latest anti-reverse handles have come to the rescue, halting the undesirable backward motion.

Anti reverse switch on spinning reel

They utilize roller bearing to secure the reel in place without delaying the drag. Therefore, an anti-reverse handle or a switch is an indispensable need of any angler, whether beginner or advanced.

Ideal Material & Quality

They are manufactured with diverse materials — some deliver persistent durability while others offer unsurpassed weightlessness. Often, steel is used for reels lying on the cheaper spectrum, it is, without a doubt, robust but distressfully heavy. And that is why full-steel body reels aren’t the first choice of most seasoned anglers.

Spinning Reel lying on the boat

Since aluminum and graphite are relatively lightweight and powerful, they are used for better-quality reel models. The latter, being highly resistive against corrosion, is best for saltwater fishing. Whereas steel requires an anodized coating to stand against salty water, which when chips off, the rod starts to corrode. Based on all that, the ideal materials for bass fishing spinning reels are graphite and aluminum.

Line Capacity

As the name implies, it is the capacity of a spool to hold a certain line length. Simply put, it decides how much distance you can cover without overloading the instrument. The lines having bigger diameters ultimately possess more strength as well as space. For instance, 150 yds of 30 lbs. line may only hold 100 yds of 50 lbs. monofilament lines.

Image of three Fishing reel

The capacities are listed for every size and style —braided and monofilament line. Braided lines have higher capacity, given the fact that they are manufactured with Spectra and Dacron, which perform well even in a smaller diameter. Therefore, never forget to check out the line capacity that suits your needs before finalizing your purchase.

What About The Bearings?

Without ball bearings, the spinning reel will lack stability and fluid performance and will falter at the very first fishing encounter — not to mention, within the roller line, an additional roller bearing is also present for enhanced efficiency. The more ball bearings there are, the smoother the reel becomes.

Image of Fishing reel ball bearings

As you might have already guessed, the reels we reviewed having 10 bearings perform smoother than a lesser number of bearings. Some features sealed stainless steel construction, which gives out extra control and durability. Though such products also cost a fortune.

Therefore, choose the products with maximum ball bearings that you can easily afford. Don’t be shy to invest big because it will be worth it in the end.

Final Verdict:

Every fishing reel we have reviewed above is a solid contender for the title of the best spinning reel for bass fishing. Each one is the most coveted item in the market, outfitted with interesting features that assist the wielder in catching gigantic trophies.

The two reels that catch the eye of most users are Shimano Stradic CI4 and Abu Garcia Revo Rocket spinning reel for bass. Both packs an arsenal of highly useful attributes that makes them one of the most well-performing reels present out there.

Before you settle with an option, make sure you have waded through the aforementioned guide, which can certainly help you decide better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absorbing the sheer amount of information that we’ve put forth isn’t easy, especially when you are purchasing your first spinning reels. Whatever questions you are dwelled on, we have them covered in this section.

#1 – Can You Use A Spinning Reel for Bass?

Spinning reels can easily handle bass fishing, only if you have chosen the right equipment, having the right strength and size. For instance, lines with 14 -17 lbs.-test and small-medium reel sizes are ideal for bass anglers.

#2 – What Is A Good Size Spinning Reel for Bass Fishing?

The answer is somewhat subject as personal preferences play an essential role in deciding the optimum reel. Usually, the sizes 25 and 30 are used for bass fishing — smaller if you are intending to cast a line in a pond.

#3 – What Is the Best Gear Ratio for Spinning Reels?

Gear ratio below 5:1 would be annoyingly slow. Anything above that is considered fine. But if you can afford, we would recommend you go for a higher ratio — 6.4:1 or 7.1:1.

#4 – What Is the Best Spinning Reel For Bass Fishing?

Based on overall performance, the Shimano Stradic CI4 Spinning reel stands out from the crowd. The instrument is astonishingly light and doesn’t weigh down on the user. On top of all, it will help you catch the biggest bass around.

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