Do Goldfish Have Teeth? (Misconception Or Truth?)

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Guide On Do Goldfish Have Teeth

One of the cutest pets one may own is a goldfish; in Chinese culture, they are regarded as ornamental fish. Their tiny mouth, large eyes, stunning golden fins, and shining scales are gems in their elegant crown. But can you see their little mouths having a set of teeth that resemble human teeth?

The answer is much unexpected because goldfish have teeth but aren’t as terrifying as those seen on creatures from the deep, dark ocean depths.

Although their main function is to smash and chew their meal, unlike new ones constantly replace human teeth, which are lost across a whole fish’s life, goldfish’s teeth.

You probably have many more questions now that goldfish have teeth, such as whether or not goldfish bites hurt. Do my goldfish have teeth, or even how many teeth do goldfish have? You may learn everything there is to know about goldfish teeth in this post.

Do Goldfish Have Teeth?

It is a misconception people live with that goldfish do not have teeth. You cannot find them on their gums, but they are on their throat. Have you ever felt a slight peck on your finger when you lower your hand into a goldfish tank?

xray view of goldfish teeth
Credits: Cyril Charles

How can a goldfish bite? Do fish have teeth? All of them do, and so do goldfish. Goldfish teeth are pharyngeal, like many other fish. They are slightly different from human teeth.

That indicates that you were able to reach its throat! Do goldfish teeth serve any purpose? Yes. Those tiny sets of teeth help them chew and break down the food they gobble. They would probably die because of poor digestion if they did not have them.

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Are Goldfish Teeth Sharp?

If a goldfish ever bit you, I am pretty much sure it would not have bled. Goldfish teeth aren’t scary because they are not sharp at all, so you don’t need to be afraid of them.

Their teeth are as harmless as their innocent appearance. They possess blunt teeth designed only to chew or grind their food, not to attack. After all, they are not predatory fish.

Can Goldfish Bite With Their Teeth?

How many teeth do goldfish have? Quite a few, you know that by now. It is also clear that they are not sharp and are rather flat. So can goldfish bite with their teeth? Yes, they bite; why would teeth exist for any other reason?

Goldfish bite and chew with their teeth but don’t bite humans. They are not born with teeth to do so. But if someone pesters them for no reason, they will obviously bite them. Any living creature will bite if something bothers them, so don’t disturb your golden pet baselessly.

Do Goldfish Bite Hurt?

Now, you must be eager to know do goldfish bites hurt, as Goldfish have pharyngeal teeth, and the name sounds quite spooky. Let me assure you that the chances of a goldfish biting you are very rare. Even if one decides to nibble you, it bites so feebly that you will hardly feel it.

image of goldfish with its mouth open

It will feel like a little peck and won’t hurt at all because they are adorable pets who would bring no harm to their owners. It is also one of the reasons why from kids to elders, everyone can make goldfish their pets without any second thoughts.

Are Goldfish Born Without Teeth?

Do goldfish teeth appear with time, or are they born with them? It is a valid question, as humans are not born with their set of molars and premolars. They appear with time and evolve with age.

Humans can only regrow their teeth when their milk teeth fall out, and their permanent teeth appear. But Goldfish are different; it is a fact that they are not born without teeth. Baby goldfish crush their food through their tooth.

Do goldfish teeth fall out? Here is where the different and interesting part about them arrives. Their teeth fall out, and they can regrow them every time.

Do Goldfish Have Dental Problems?

As a human being, I know I must be very vigilant about my oral health. Once these tusks fall out, I won’t be able to regrow them as I am not a goldfish. Does my goldfish have teeth that require constant care too?

goldfish trying to eat something

Goldfish are very lucky in this case; their pharyngeal teeth have such a quick regrowth rate that you don’t need to worry about your pet. It keeps them healthy, as any decaying tooth inside their pharynx falls easily, keeping them away from infections and diseases.

What Happens When A Goldfish Bites You?

Did a goldfish ever bite you? Maybe you were eager to know does my goldfish have teeth, and you tried to explore it yourself. It would have bitten you, you must have felt its gentle force on your fingertips, but then it would have quickly swam off, too, right?

When a goldfish is to bite you, it comes near your finger or hand. At first, it puckers its mouth onto your finger and then bites you with the teeth located at its throat. It bites so weakly that nothing happens to you when it bites you.

Can Goldfish Bite Other Fish?

Do fish have teeth? Of course, they do, and for what purpose? To catch and eat other fish. It is a fact that goldfish are the friendliest fish, but they can attack and bite other fish for several reasons. So do goldfish teeth help them attack other fish?

image of white and orange colored goldfish

That is correct, but they are not always in the mood to fight. If there is a lack of space in the tank, the goldfish is hungry and frightened of some new fish, and its aggressive side may appear. Do keep an eye on them if you suspect anything ‘Fishy.’

Final Verdict:

The fact that goldfish teeth exist in such an unusual place may be something new for you. After reading this, I don’t suggest you look for their pharyngeal as it is not something your fish would like. Their teeth might look unappealing at their pharynx, but they would have looked far worse if they were located in gums.

My daughter was right when she asked whether goldfish have teeth in their throat. They have their teeth right there, they are harmless, and their regrowth rate is remarkable. Now, you are educated about this golden fish; they are incredible indeed!

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