8 Best Fishing Lines For Bass Fishing Every Angler Needs!

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best line for bass fishing

A quality rod is indeed pivotal to a good fishing experience, but even the best one would fail miserably with a poor-quality fishing line. Often, anglers overlook its significance and channel all their attention to purchasing an expensive rod.

Little do they know that a fishing line holds paramount importance when it comes to an angler’s success — more than that meets the eye. The difference between coming home empty-handed or with a bucket full of giants is the performance factor of the rod as well as the fishing line.

What if it breaks in the middle of serious combat with a big trophy?

It would be like an angler’s worst nightmare coming true. If you are in pursuit of big bass, a line that can withstand a good fight, doesn’t break, and is easy to handle should be your goal. Luckily, I have put forth a small archive of one of the best fishing lines for Bass having the attributes mentioned above.

A Quick Look At The Best Fishing Lines For Bass

KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line
– Superpower braided lines
– Greater abrasion resistance
– Ultra-high sensitivity
Spiderwire SCS10G-125 Braided Stealth Superline
– Color-Lock coating
– Low visibility underwater
– Dyneema polyethylene microfibers
KastKing FluoroKote Fishing Line
– Copolymer Fishing Line
– More reel capacity
– Great knot strength
Berkley Trilene XL Monofilament Fishing Line
– Smooth casting
– Maximum manageability
– Clear color
RUNCL PowerFluoro Fishing Line
– 100% fluorocarbon
– Faster Sinking
– Ultimate Strength
Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line
– Incredibly round
– Enhanced body technology
– Constructed with spectra fiber
Piscifun Onyx Braided Fishing Line
– Superior Abrasion Resistance
– Highly Sensitivity
– Precision Braiding and Fiber
P-Line Tactical Premium Fluorocarbon
– Incredibly abrasion resistant
– Unparalleled knot strength
– Line is 3 times denser

Best Fishing Line For Bass

Since they come in a range of strengths, diameters, lengths, and designs, cross-comparing is the key to finding the best line for bass fishing.

Which one is the strongest?

What is ideal for bass of all sizes?

Which design has proven to be the most versatile?

The answers await in this article, so let me help you figure out which goes with your bass applications.

#1 – KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line

– Key Features

  • 6 LB: 0.07 (MM) | 8 LB: 0.08 (MM)
  • 10 LB: 0.09 (MM) | 12 LB: 0.10 (MM)
  • 15 LB: 0.14 (MM) | 20 LB: 0.18 (MM)
  • 25 LB: 0.22 (MM) | 30 LB: 0.2 (MM)
  • 40 LB: 0.30 (MM) |50 LB: 0.40 (MM)
  • 65 LB: 0.45 (MM)) | 80 LB: 0.50 (MM)
  • 100 LB: 0.60 (MM) | 120 LB: 0.70 (MM)
  • 150 LB: 0.80 (MM)

– Positives:

  • The line is very powerful and is perfect for catching big bass.
  • It does not tangle, making it very easy to use.
  • It is available in a range of colors — moss green, ocean blue, low-vis grey, and yellow
  • The line is resistant to abrasion, which ensures longevity.
  • For the same pound test line, you will get extra length.

– Drawbacks:

  • The diamond weave has a rough surface, making it suitable only for the rods that are constructed with strong material.
  • The dye treatment is not very long-lasting.

If it is the power that you seek, then the KastKing fishing line should be on the top of your wish list. Manufactured with the material that is used to block bullets, this super fishing line can withstand a prodigious amount of tension. No matter how rigorous the movement or how enormous the trophy is, the line’s fibers will not break off.

Since the fibers are weaved so brilliantly, the diameter is so tight that it is comparable to the monofilament line. This tightness, without a doubt, contributes greatly to making the line so powerful that it can help you catch thousands of bass — not to mention, its abrasion-resistive nature adds up to the durability.

I have established that this line is very powerful, but is it also an easy-to-use option? Luckily, yes! Thanks to its low memory, it will not get tangled. It means your trip will not be ruined by unwinding persistent knots.

My Verdict:

The line’s rough surface doesn’t mean that it is completely useless for standard rods. It only means that the diamond weave will shorten the rod’s life span. It would be an issue if you go fishing every weekend, but not if you are just a seasonal angler.

Overall, anglers will appreciate the length it provides and how strong it is. However, for maximum performance, I will suggest using it on rods made with sturdy material.

#2 – Spiderwire SCS10G-125 Braided Stealth Superline

– Key Features

  • Model number: SCS10G-125
  • Line diameter: 0.008 in | 0.20 mm
  • Line Length: 125 yds | 114 m
  • Line Break Strength: 10 lb. | 4.5 kg
  • Superline mono equivalent: 4 lbs.
  • Fluoropolymer treated microfibers
  • Color moss green and high-vis yellow

– Positives:

  • Even though the line is ultra-thin, it provides great strength.
  • It does not make much sound during casting.
  • The color does not fade fast due to the special color-lock treatment.
  • It is available in a variety of lengths and weights.
  • The low-visibility color helps the lures to blend in with the surrounding.

– Drawbacks:

  • There are only two color options, and even they are not available for all the models.
  • Knots and tangles are a big problem for this line.

A hobby as expensive as fishing can quickly empty your pocket if you have not thought things through. The rods may cost a fortune, but fishing lines help you limit the expenditure, especially the ones from Spiderwire, which are excellent value performers. And it is challenging to find a line that performs this good in such an affordable price range.

Designed to combat heavy trophies, this braided line is the perfect example of how durable fishing lines can actually be. The strength isn’t just the major highlight of this product, but what attracts the most crowd is its quiet and smooth performance.

All credit goes to the Dyneema polyethylene fibers, which are designed to ensure ease and buttery-smooth operation. Unlike most lines present in the marketplace, it is reinforced with color-lock coating, preventing the vibrancy from fading. This may not be enough for the color to last a lifetime, but certainly, it slows down the discoloration process.

My Verdict:

When you are fishing in a calm environment and just want to relax in serenity, even the smallest sound may prove adversely annoying. The noise may be of the motorboat passing by or the line rubbing against the guide.

With Spiderwire Superline, you don’t need to worry about the former, as this line is incredibly smooth and doesn’t create much jarring sound. It is not just easy to use but also powerful enough for the big hunt competitions. And in my opinion, it will less likely ever disappoint you.

#3 – KastKing FluoroKote Fishing Line

– Key Features

  • 4 lbs. 0.18 mm | 6 lbs. 0.22 mm
  • 8 lbs. 0.23 mm | 10 lbs. 0.28 mm
  • 12 lbs. 0.30 mm | 15 lbs. 0.33 mm
  • 17 lbs. 0.35 mm | 20 lbs. 0.38 mm
  • 20 lbs. 0.43 mm | 25 lbs. 0.48 mm

– Positives:

  • The line camouflages with the surrounding well and does not spooks the fish.
  • Despite being highly economical, it performs pretty well.
  • It is abrasion-resistant, super strong, and does not stretch too much.
  • It is perfect for drop shotting and moving baits.
  • It is available in a range of pound lest lengths, giving you a lot of options to choose from.

– Drawbacks:

  • You may end up losing the hooks if you use them as a leader.
  • It snaps if you put it under too much pressure.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see another KastKing item on this listicle, considering the brand’s eminence in manufacturing quality products, and this fishing line is no exception. It blends with the surrounding well and doesn’t spook the fish — as expected from a quality fluorocarbon line. The credit goes to its high-density, ensuring low visibility and strength.

Although it is not 100% pure fluorocarbon, it delivers comparable performance. The blend of two materials — copolymer and fluorocarbon — not only reduces the visibility but also provides superior castability. No wonder the brand has won the 2015 ICAST award, which is an unforgettable testimony of their high-quality manufacturing.

Incredible strength, durability, high stretch, and abrasion resistance make KastKing FluoroKote an ideal substitute for expensive fluorocarbon lines. It will allow anglers to get into the field with great confidence irrespective of the condition and their fishing style.

My Verdict:

No product can beat KasKing FluoroKote in terms of affordability, and when you compare the price with the performance, you will find it satisfactory. However, when compared to expensive products, it may not be able to rival the high-end quality.

So, this line is exclusively for people who are looking for optimal quality under a feasible price range. If you are willing to invest more, I would recommend moving towards the expensive end of the price spectrum.

#4 – Berkley Trilene XL Monofilament Fishing Line

– Key Features

  • 4 lbs. 0.20 mm | 6 lbs. 0.22 mm
  • 8 lbs. 0.25 mm | 10 lbs. 0.28 mm
  • 12 lbs. 0.33 mm | 14 lbs. 0.35 mm
  • 17 lbs. 0.38 mm | 20 lbs. 0.016 mm
  • 25 lbs. 0.45 mm | 30 lbs. 0.50 mm
  • Colors availability: fluorescent Clear, blue, low-vis green

– Positives:

  • It is super sensitive, and you can even detect small bites with this line.
  • It is very easy to manage, smooth and doesn’t get tangled a lot.
  • The line comes in three stunning colors, and the green color offers low visibility.
  • Compared to other models from the brand, this has improved features.
  • It is suitable for a range of angling techniques.

– Drawbacks:

  • The product comes in length, which is only suitable for a small spool size.
  • It often breaks under high pressure.

Created to outshine all of its previous models, the Berkley monofilament fishing line possesses improved features — the flexibility has enhanced by 20%, the wet strength and knot strength is improved by 50% and 20%, respectively. It is now smoother, more flexible, and more powerful than ever, and this is exactly why it is popular in the fishing community.

Twists and tangles are a persistent problem that may cost an angler a great loss. While standard fishing lines are prone to twists, the Berkley Trilene line is incredibly smooth and prevents entanglement, ensuring maximum manageability.

With this sophisticated product, you will not have to spend your fishing trip untying knots and unraveling kinks. What’s more, it is extremely sensitive — even if it is a small bite, and you will be notified right away. Since it is also versatile in nature, you can use it for any angling technique, bait, or application.

My Verdict:

Even if you are doing a 100 cast a day, this product will withstand heavy use as long as it is not put under immense pressure. In this case, it will break right away, and you will lose your trophy. Since it is improved, it works better than any previous model of the series that the brand has ever created.

Overall, it is inexpensive, performs well in most conditions, and is extremely easy to manage, making it an ideal option to use with a quality fishing rod.

#5 – RUNCL PowerFluoro Fishing Line

– Key Features

  • Spool sizes: 300 yds, 500 yds, 1000 yds
  • Color options: clear
  • Fishing line type: Copolymer
  • 5 lbs. 0.15 mm | 6 lbs. 0.18 mm
  • 7 lbs. 0.20 mm | 8 lbs. 0.23 mm
  • 10 lbs. 0.26 mm | | 12 lbs. 0.28 mm
  • 14 lbs. 0.30 mm | 16 lbs. 0.33 mm
  • 20 lbs. 0.38 mm | 25 lbs. 0.41 mm
  • 32 lbs. 0.48 mm

– Positives:

  • Due to low-visibility design, it does not spook away the fishes.
  • It comes in a range of test pound sizes, giving you many options to match your needs.
  • It is very sensitive and can detect small bites.
  • It allows you to react quickly with the smallest vibration.
  • It features easy castability.

– Drawbacks:

  • Compared to what it offers, it is on the expensive side.
  • The diameter of the line is quite tiny.

Out of all the major highlights to this fishing line, the one that you will most appreciate is its spectacular shock strength, which comes from the fluorocarbon material. The lines maintain an incredible balance between sensitivity and strength, making it a perfect candidate that deserves to be on this list.

Since it is designed to remain under the radar, it is difficult for the fish to spot the line. A stealthy line that doesn’t scare away your trophies is all you need to lay a trap for the biggest fish.

Another feature that is worth praising is that the line is extremely sensitive. You can even feel the tiniest bite from the fish, allowing you to react as quickly as it is needed. It will not fail you and will hold good under tension. And you can catch diverse fishes like Crappies, Bass, and Sunfish easily.

My Verdict:

It doesn’t matter how strong a line is if it is not stealthy enough to blend in with the environment. So, in terms of low visibility, the RUNCL PowerFluoro fishing line has no rivals. Fishes won’t be able to tell if there is a line attached to the bait and will get trapped faster.

It might be a little expensive, but as per what I have reviewed above, I highly recommend trying this impressive line.

#6 – Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line

– Key Features

  • 8 lbs. 0.13 mm | 10 lbs. 0.15 mm
  • 15 lbs. 0.20 mm | 20 lbs. 0.23 mm
  • 30 lbs. 0.28 mm | 40 lbs. 0.30 mm
  • 50 lbs. 0.36 mm | 65 lbs. 0.41 mm
  • 80 lbs. 0.43 mm
  • Specific gravity: 0.98 g/cc
  • Length range: 150 yds to 300 yds
  • Color of the line: green

– Positives:

  • It deflects the harmful UV rays and prevents discoloration and damage.
  • It is highly durable and lasts for a long time.
  • It Is very easy to combat the fish with this fishing line.
  • It is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.
  • As the line’s surface is extremely smooth, it prevents kinks and twists.

– Drawbacks:

  • With heavier lines, frayed areas may appear on the rod.
  • The green color fades after a certain while.

Landing on the next item on the list, which is a force to be reckoned with. Neither UV radiation nor the saltwater or chemicals have any effect on this powerful item. It is exactly what its name suggests.

In comparison to monofilament lines, Power Pro lasts five times more, making it one of the most durable options in this listicle. And that is why it is considered a worthwhile investment.

Crafted from polished and smooth plastic, it makes sure that the lines remain untwisted and always ready for casting. Since the lines are very smooth, they do not rub dangerously with the guides, ensuring the line’s as well as the rod’s longevity.

With 0.98 g/cc specific gravity, Power Pro will float on the surface rather than sinking deep like nylon lines. Simply put, you will be able to draw out the fish faster while having full control over the situation.

My Verdict:

It is, without a doubt, one of the top lines currently available in the market. It is fast, durable, and strong, making sure that you are provided with the ultimate fishing experience.

It features a range of characteristics such as incredible strength, near zero stretch, resistance to UV and saltwater, and superior knot performance, making it an amazing fishing line worth purchasing.

However, the color may fade over time, but that is something I witness on most of the lines present out there. Although it does not affect the performance, it looks unattractive after the discoloration.

#7 – Piscifun Onyx Braided Fishing Line

– Key Features

  • 6 lbs. 0.06 mm | 8 lbs. 0.08 mm
  • 10 lbs. 0.09mm | 12 lbs. 0.12mm
  • 15 lbs. 0.14 mm | 20 lbs. 0.18 mm
  • 25 lbs. 0.23 mm | 30 lbs. 0.26 mm
  • 40 lbs. 0.30 mm | 50 lbs. 0.37 mm
  • 60 lbs. 0.40 mm | 80 lbs. 0.50 mm
  • 100 lbs. 0.55 mm | 120 lbs. 0.60 mm
  • 150 lbs. 0.70 mm
  • Length: 150 yds to 547 yds

– Positives:

  • It features low memory and high sensitivity.
  • The line lets you catch fish faster and enhance the success rate.
  • It provides an immense tensile strength, making the line very powerful.
  • The knot strength is impressive, allowing you to tie a solid knot.
  • Due to superior epoxy technology, it holds well against friction.

– Drawbacks:

  • You will have to practice trying a perfect knot because of the thin diameter.
  • It does not blend well with the surrounding.

Piscifun is reinforced by the latest epoxy technology that makes the line resistant to abrasion and damage. With an amazing tensile strength of 4 strands for 12lb-50lb and 8 strands for 65lbs – 150lbs line, it is safe to assume that the product will last a long time. It will not break easily and can easily handle medium to large fishes.

The line is appreciated for its high sensitivity and zero stretches, allowing you to not only detect the fish faster but also drag it out quickly. As a result, you will be able to catch more fish with minimum tries. Due to the improved smoothness, fast action, and round design, it suits advanced users well.

It cuts water quicker, resists the fraction with the stones, and deflects the harsh effects of seawater. All these traits contribute to making this line extremely durable.

My Verdict:

As mentioned repeatedly, it is made with powerful fibers that ensure the strength required for capturing big fishes in abundance — not to mention and the line possesses an ideal diameter for delivering a smooth experience.

On the other hand, you may face trouble while tying and untying the knots, considering the tiny diameter of this line. However, with practice and concentration, you will eventually get the hang of it. In other words, it comes with a learning curve, which can be covered over time.

#8 – P-Line Tactical Premium Fluorocarbon

– Key Features

  • 6 lbs. 0.218 mm | 8 lbs. 0.257 mm
  • 10 lbs. 0.283 mm | 12 lbs. 0.298 mm
  • 15 lbs. 0.352 mm | 17 lbs. 0.393 mm
  • 20 lbs. 0.418 mm
  • Fishing line type: fluorocarbon
  • Color option: clear

– Positives:

  • It offers high invisibility, making it impossible for the fishes to see the line.
  • It is resistant to abrasion.
  • The line does not tangle, ensuring maximum ease.
  • It delivers unrivaled knot strength.
  • Compared to ordinary fishing lines, it sinks faster.

– Drawbacks:

  • The casting is troublesome because the one cannot easily de-coil this line.
  • It does not offer as many pound-test options as other fishing lines.

Last but not least, the P-line Tactical Premium fishing line is another winsome product on my list, featuring superior built for enhanced durability. It works well under enormous tension, ensuring the successful retreat of your trophies without losing a single one of them. The magic lies in its amazing density — three times denser than nylon.

What you will love the most about this line is its reduced visibility — it is clearer than any line I have reviewed so far, making it a perfect option for all types of fishing environments. Neither you nor any sea creature will be able to see the line when immersed in water.

Plus, the buttery smooth surface allows easy castability and a twist-free experience. Moreover, the knot strength is just great. Although once you have tied a knot, it would be impractical to untie, given its firm hold.

My Verdict:

Once immersed in the water, it becomes a real challenge to visually identify the line. Since fishes cannot see it, they easily get trapped, allowing you to fill the bucket with trophies faster.

On the con side, casting is somewhat a hassle, especially when you have coiled the line tightly. In this case, Line Tactical Premium line is a bit let down. Apart from this flaw, it will not disappoint you.

Best Fishing Line For Bass – Buying Guide Tips

You may or may not have the experience to pull off a sound purchase. The following guide consists of everything you need to know about buying the best fishing line for bass, including complex terminologies, basic knowledge, and essential considerations. So, let’s get started.

Recommended readings:

The Three Best Lines For Bass Fishing

Selecting the right line holds great importance in determining a fisherman’s success. After all, how well you play the game depends on the performance of the rod as well as the line. If you are into bass fishing, the following lines are the best options available.

image of three fishing reels


Kicking off the list with fluorocarbon — a powerful option for anglers, offering amazing abrasion resistance and a little stretch. The quality that attracts the most attention is the same refraction index as water, allowing the material to become invisible when drowned. This is a great advantage because the fishes won’t be able to see it.


With almost no stretch, it offers unparalleled sensitivity, enabling the anglers to detect even the tiniest motion. This improves the reaction speed, raising the success bar many times over.

When you compare braided with monofilament, the line the difference between the diameter makes it clear why the braided has the upper hand. It is smaller, more durable, and easily castable.


Since it is easier to work with, monofilament lines are popular amongst beginner anglers. Plus, they float over the surface, unlike fluorocarbon lines that sink deep.

Not to forget, they possess some stretch, which can be either bad or good, depending on preferences. For example, they are a good option for reaction baits but does not allow you to detect small bites.

Pound Test

The description of the product is often misunderstood, especially the pound test. Many anglers mistake it for the weight, but in reality, it is the measure of the line’s strength.

Pound test or line test simply refers to the weight it can hold without breaking down. If a line comes with a 15-pound test, it simply means that it can hold up to 15 pounds of weight — any more than that will only lead to breakage.

image of a fish splashing out of water

It is different for different types of lines. For example, the braided ones are the strongest and can provide up to a 550-pound test, whereas monofilament can only reach a maximum of 300 pound-test. No wonder most anglers, whether beginners or advanced, prefer braided lines over anything else.

The diameter of the line also relates to the pound-test — the higher the value, the more will be the diameter.

What Is Line Memory?

When the lines rest on the spool for long, it develops curls and twists, and the measure of this curliness is called memory. You can check the memory by letting the line hang and notice whether it is curled up or straight.

image of multiple fishing spools

The line having more memory means that it is prone to knots, making it challenging to reel in. Further, it also affects the performance by not allowing you to cast far enough. You will be spending your time untying the knots instead of enjoying the trip.

Superlines and monofilament lines have lesser memory than fluorocarbon, given the fact that the latter is stiffer. However, there are always some techniques to reduce memory, such as using heavy lures to straighten the lines up. But these techniques only work to a certain degree.

What Is Abrasion Resistance?

Nothing enrages an angler more than the breaking of the fishing line, especially when a huge trophy is hooked. If you are fishing around a rocky landscape, then it will be no surprise if you lost your trophy once or twice. That is because when the line rubs against the rough surface of a rock, it quickly breaks.

Side photo of a person fishing

The line’s ability to resist this friction is the abrasion resistance of that line. To solve this persistent problem, the manufacturers have made lines more abrasive resistant to ensure longevity.

Now the question is, which material has the most abrasion resistance? Doubtlessly, fluorocarbon is a triumphant material when it comes to resisting scratches and friction.

What Color Line Should You Use?

Clear lines are always the best camouflage since they have the same refraction as the water itself. But when it comes to low visibility colors, nothing rivals the blending ability of the green color. That is primarily because water always has green elements in it — wild weed, algae, moss, etc. — and the fish find the color familiar.

However, if the water is clean, then even the green tiny might stand out from the surrounding. Even though this situation is quite rare, you should go for clear lines in this case.

Line Stretch & Diameter

You may come across the term “line stretch” repeatedly in this article. So, what does it mean? As you might have already guessed, it is the measure of the line’s flexibility.

FPS View of a fishing rod

Having a stretchy line can either be a positive or negative point, depending on your fishing needs. For example, a less stretchy line is good at providing feedback but may not be able to withstand sudden shakes. On the other hand, highly stretchy lines are ideal for combating big fishes that move rigorously.

As for the line’s diameter, it simply represents how strong the line is. The smaller diameter will have a low pound-test, and vice versa. What diameter you should choose depends on the fishing application and also on your personal preference.

Final Verdict:

Not all fishing stories have happy endings. Ever wondered what you have been doing wrong all this time?

The problem could be with your rod or something as simple as a fishing line, which can make or break it for you. The lines are often neglected, but with or without the attention they deserve, they are indeed an integral part of fishing.

You need a product that holds well under immense tension, has the right flexibility, and blends well when submerged. All these traits are observable in every item of the above-mentioned list of best lines for bass fishing.

Don’t forget to sponge up the information I have rounded up in the guide, giving you every ounce of detail needed to make a sound purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 – What Is the Best Pound Test Line for Bass Fishing?

It is simple math that a higher pound test means more powerful lines. For bass, you should at least get yourself an 8-pound test line or higher because the size of the bass falls under this category.

#2 – What Kind of Line Do Pro Bass Fishermen Use?

Out of the three prevalent options — fluorocarbon, braided, and monofilament — most of the anglers use fluorocarbon for its low stretch, high density, and incredible sensitivity. And the less favorite one is the monofilament line.

#3 – What Color Fishing Line Is Best for Bass?

That depends on the condition of the water. If it has greenish elements in it, then a green-colored line would be the best option. However, if the water is clear, then blue-tinted or clear lines will work best.

#4 – What Is the Best All-Around Fishing Line?

Even though every product I have mentioned above is worth the title for the best fishing line, the one that stands out is the PowerPro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line. Due to its versatility, it ranks above all the rest.

#5 – What Month Is Best for Bass Fishing?

Every season comes with its own challenges and opportunities, but fall and spring offer the most action for bass fishing.

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