What Fish Can Live With Goldfish? (Best Mates)

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What Fish Can Live With Goldfish Best Companions

Keeping goldfish as a pet is wonderful! But what if your golden fish feels lonely? You can add some companions to its tank to make it feel great. Besides cheering your goldfish up, those companions will also light up your tank, adding colors to it.

It is an awesome idea! But what if you are not sure what fish are compatible with goldfish? Searching for suitable mates is not an easy task. Because if you end up adding a bigger fish, it might end up eating your goldfish.

Adding a smaller one can be a mistake, too; what if goldfish eat it? So what invertebrates can live with goldfish? What fish can live with goldfish? Many questions appear in a person’s mind, so let’s read further to explore the solution to your questions.

What Fish Can Live With Goldfish?

Other fish must fulfill some conditions that make them eligible to be a goldfish tank mate. Firstly, know that your goldfish don’t need aggressive tank mates as they’re peace-loving species. Goldfish don’t get into fights unless something really bothers them.

four ranchu goldfishes

Pick fish of similar size if you want all the fish in your tank to survive; you don’t want the fish to eat themselves. Your goldfish’s speed also matters. Can fancy goldfish live with common goldfish? No, they cannot, as common goldfish swim much faster than the fancier ones.

Fantasy goldfish are so slow that others eventually eat their share of food too! So choosing companions wisely is very important.

Other prime factors that should be common between the companions and the goldfish are water temperature requirements, pH level, and water hardiness. Otherwise, one of them would have difficulty living in a tank.

Do Goldfish Eat Other Fish?

Goldfish is a peaceful fish that does not prey on other fish or attack them. However, it tends to eat whatever gets near its mouth and fits without thinking. A goldfish may swallow another fish that is smaller than it, but it only does it if it gets in its way.

ranchu goldfish trying to eat fish food

In reality, they don’t do so because they are not aggressors. Goldfish are one of the friendliest fish that exist. However, their motto is simple: eat anything that stands in your way and anything you insert into your mouth.

Can Any Other Fish Live With Goldfish?

Of course, a goldfish’s living conditions are not out of this world; other fish can happily live with them. Find fish of their own species for them, those who require similar care, similar conditions. I am not only talking about the appearance here, but also the characteristics!

Many fish live with goldfish in the same conditions but are very different. I am not only talking about appearance here but about characteristics too! For example, there is a fish that cleans tanks with goldfish.

15 Best Goldfish Tank Mates and Companions 

Here, I sorted out some prospects that are compatible with goldfish. I have personally kept all of them! So quite familiar with their habits. These fish don’t need any particular attention. The ones I cherry-picked here really get along with the goldfish.

#1- Hillstream Loach

Want to keep a tank cleaning fish with goldfish? Add a Hillstream Loach to your aquarium; these appear like mini stingrays. Loaches cannot fit in a goldfish’s mouth and stick onto surfaces so tight that goldfish cannot do anything to them.

Image of Hillstream Loach

A hillstream loach will eat all of the decaying food and algae that builds up in your aquarium, keeping it squeaky clean!

#2- Platy

Having blue platy in your aquarium along with goldfish can add a lot of brightness and contrast to your aquarium.

Image of blue Platy Fish

Platies give birth instead of laying eggs, are called livebearers, and can quickly fill up a tank with babies. The best option is to separate the fries as soon as they appear in an aquarium, or your goldfish will eat them all.

#3- Bristlenose Catfish

Bristlenose catfish can be a wonderful addition to community tanks; these catfish don’t like troubling others, just like goldfish. They are bristly-nosed scavengers who love keeping a tank clean by eating everything that dirties a tank.

Image of bristlenose catfish

Some people argue that bristlenose catfish can end up sucking a goldfish for its slimy coat, but you can avoid that situation. Don’t let Bristlenose Catfish stay hungry; ensure it is full and contented most of the time.

#4- Dojo Loach

Did you know that loaches can do very well in cold water? It means that a dojo loach can accompany a goldfish!

Image of Dojo loach
Credits: Flip Aquatics

But don’t forget the fact that they can grow really long, so they don’t thrive well in smaller tanks. A Dojo Loach is a fish that cleans tanks with goldfish, and both of them manage well with each other.

#5- Zebra Danios 

Zebra danios are tiny, swift-paced fish enjoying the same water temperatures as goldfish. Their size can be an issue, though; they are just the right size to fit a goldfish’s pouty mouth.

Image of Zebra Danios

But Zebra Danios move with such an impossible speed that it gets impossible for a goldfish to reach their pace. Favor these fish; add some hiding places in your aquarium for them because they like hiding behind things for privacy.

#6- Giant Danios

Giant Danios are related to Zebra Danios, as you would’ve guessed it already by their names. Their traits differ from Zebra Danios in some ways; Giant Danios don’t like being lonely.

Image of Giant Danios

They act like amazing tank mates when they are with goldfish, but at least have 5 Giant Danios in your tank. Loneliness makes them aggressive, provide them with good company!

#7- Otocinclus Catfish

Otocinclus Catfish are gentle; they will not cause conflict with goldfish in a communal tank but will provide goldfish with a pleasant friendship.

Image of Otocinclus Catfish

Fish live in freshwater because they are not picky eaters and do not require much special care. So, Otocinclus Catfish is an excellent choice! These catfish are social creatures and thrive best in schools of at least three individuals.

#8- Pangasius Catfish

Pangasius Catfish are large freshwater fish, but you don’t need to worry about your goldfish getting eaten. It’s pretty disciplined; Pangasius Catfish doesn’t munch on goldfish or other fish.

Pangasius Catfish

They are one fish that clean tanks by eating any matter that falls on the tank’s bottom. Pangasius Catfish also live at the bottom of the tank most of the time; goldfish do not do it. This means that pangasius catfish provide goldfish with their personal space!

#9- Black Molly

Black mollies don’t keep hostilities with any other fish, which is their best quality! Their water needs are also very flexible; they can easily live in various conditions. So they can easily live with goldfish without any disputes.

Image of Black Molly

Their velvety, black appearance will add a unique grace to your tank! You should definitely introduce them to your goldfish tank.

#10- Guppies

I think guppies are the cutest fish because of their colors. They can bring rainbows to your tank; they are very peaceful. Keeping guppies and goldfish together is an excellent idea; the two fish would make a great community tank together.

Image of Guppy Fish

Their diets are also very similar, but the fact that guppies are livebearers can be concerning, so watch out for fries! If you see any babies, remove them before they get gulped down by goldies.

#11- Bristlenose Pleco

Bristlenose Pleco may look scary; they do but trust me, that is not the case. They are fish that clean tanks with goldfish by snacking on the algae that form in the aquarium.

Image of Bristlenose Pleco

Not only that, but Bristlenose can also help goldfish remove any algae that form on goldfish’s skin. Keep providing your Bristlenose Pleco with a sufficient amount of food, this way; you will have no problems with it.

#12- Variatus Platy

Variatus Platies are playful freshwater fish that prefer to live in cooler waters; you can keep them with goldfish. They give birth very frequently, in a large quantity, so variable platy are capable of over-crowding your tank.

Image of Variatus Platy Fish

Even having a single Variatus Platy fry in your tank is not encouraged because of its tiny size. Goldfish in your tank will easily gobble them down, and it can block their gill plates. Keep Variatus Platies, but beware of the fries.

#13- White Cloud Mountain Minnows

The reference to white cloud mountain minnows as swimming diamonds is not an inaccurate description. These minnows are so stunning that their colors shift depending on the perspective from which you view them.

Image of White Cloud Mountain Minnows Fish

White cloud mountain minnows are not only exceedingly swift, but their one-of-a-kind coloring can bring a splash of life to any aquarium. There is no better fish for community aquariums than the minnow.

#14- Brochis Multiradiatus

Additionally known by the name hog-noses, the Brochis and the Brochis Multiradiatus fishes are tank cleaners that will practically suction the substrate of your aquarium.

Image of Brochis Multiradiatus Fish
Credits: SeriouslyFish

They actually do a pretty good job vacuuming up the substrate, which is why you will most likely find them near the bottom of your tank. Even though brochis eats everything, it does not pose any danger to goldfish. You are free to keep them together.

#15- Longfin Rosy Barbs

Longfin Rosy Barbs are as adorable as their names; these barbs are one of the prettiest community fish that exist! They are pinker around their stomachs and overall have a subtle gradient pink color that catches one’s eye.

Image of Longfin Rosy Barbs Fish

Even with goldfish, if you keep them in groups, they will never be unhappy because the fish won’t be able to bother each other.

Final Verdict:

I have a good feeling about the fact that you already have a good idea of the other fish that would do well in the aquarium with your goldfish. There are many different possibilities accessible to you, and I have just assisted you in narrowing your search.

Providing a goldfish with new tank mates is an extremely thrilling experience; I hope you will get to participate. After what you’ve just read, I don’t think there’s any question in your mind regarding the companionship of goldfish.

When searching for a new companion for your goldfish, make sure you keep these other fish in mind. Be sure to keep an eye on the new companions and separate them from the rest of the group as soon as you notice anything out of the ordinary happening.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 – Can Goldfish Live With Guppies?

Yes, Goldfish can live with guppies as both of them have very similarities in their living conditions and requirements.

But if their sizes differ, one may end up eating up the smaller ones, so it is a good idea always to check their size before.

#2 – Can Betta Fish Live With Goldfish?

It is not advised to keep these two together, so no betta fish cannot live with goldfish. Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighter fish, are very aggressive, but goldfish are very peaceful. Their living conditions differ a lot too.

#3 – Can Angelfish Live With Goldfish?

No, angelfish can never coexist with goldfish, and the reason is clear. Both belong to very different water conditions and parameters.

Goldfish are freshwater fish, whereas Angelfish belong to completely different waters. Are zebrafish and goldfish compatible together? No, right; instead, angelfish and zebrafish are compatible.

#4 – Can Goldfish Live With Tropical Fish?

No, goldfish cannot live with tropical fish. If you want both species’ safety, don’t add them together in one tank. Tropical fish require warm temperatures, but goldfish need cooler temperatures to survive.

#5 – Can You Put Catfish With Goldfish?

Putting catfish and goldfish is not a great idea at all; catfish are so energetic that they will bully your goldfish.

However, many different catfish species exist, and some are compatible with goldfish, like Otocinclus Catfish and Pangasius Catfish.

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