20+ Interesting And Amazing Fish Tank Ideas!

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If you’re an aquarium enthusiast, it might be hard to find inspiration to display your fish tank. Fish tanks are awesome! They’re attractive and relaxing to look at, and they come in all shapes and sizes — some are tall, some are wide, and some are even square! There’s no limit to the kinds of cool fish tank ideas you can create with them!

It’s so easy to turn your plain fish tank into something amazing and eye-catching with just a few things lying around the house. If you love to fish, this list of fish tank ideas will have some inspiration for you!

Types Of Fish Tanks

Are you confused about what fish tank setup ideas you should go with? I sorted out some of them to help you. You may not know, but there are many types of fish tanks you can choose from.

If you are planning to buy one, and want some home aquarium ideas to start with, here are some best fish tank ideas for you.

Freshwater Fish Tank

If you have never had fish as pets before, I would suggest that you should explore freshwater tank ideas. Freshwater tanks are ideal for newbies as they are not costly, easy to maintain, and come in all sizes.

Freshwater Fish Tank

Beginners should start their freshwater tank setup with simple filtration and keep fish only. Once they get hold of it, they can also introduce other tank mates to their fish, like turtles or snails.

Saltwater Fish Tank

Going through saltwater fish tank ideas is just a waste of time if you’re on a budget. Saltwater fish tanks are the most deluxe fish tanks not everyone can have. They are very high maintenance, and even saltwater fish are very expensive and hard to find.

Saltwater Fish Tank

They require complex filtration systems that can be chemical, mechanical, or biological. A good filtration system is a must in saltwater tanks.

Also, it would help if you never bought a small saltwater tank as saltwater fish need a 20-gallon tank at least. Saltwater aquariums are costly but worth it.

Coldwater Marine Tank

Coldwater marine tanks are very challenging to maintain, and they are not for the weak-hearted people. They require powerful chillers to keep the water below room temperature all the time.

Coldwater Marine Tank

They also require insulators as the cold temperature causes a lot of condensation, and a sweating tank can make everything foggy. Marine aquarists have to invest a lot in Coldwater marine tanks, and this is not a hobby everyone can afford.

Coldwater Freshwater Tank

Coldwater freshwater tanks require much less maintenance as compared to coldwater marine tanks. They also hold fish at cold temperatures, but the difference is that they are for freshwater fish and cold water marine fish tanks are for saltwater fish.

Coldwater Freshwater Tank

Coldwater freshwater tanks are comparatively less expensive than marine ones, and filtration is also optional in these tanks.

Tropical Freshwater Tank

If you plan to pet tropical fish like guppies or catfish, you need a tropical freshwater tank. These tanks are not complicated to install and maintain, making them a good option for beginners.

Tropical freshwater tank

Although they need all water filtration systems, which can be expensive, they are not that expensive.

Tropical Marine Tank

If you want to step up your game, you can get yourself a tropical marine tank. These tanks are super sturdy and hold rare tropical fish like the famous Nemo- the clownfish.

Tropical Marine Tank

They are highly priced and require a lot of effort and maintenance. But once a tropical marine tank is set up, it is a treat to watch because of its bold colors.

Brackish Tank

You may get nervous before having a brackish water tank, but you shouldn’t be. It may sound tricky to handle at first, but it is not. If you know how to handle a freshwater aquarium, you will easily get hold of brackish tanks too.

Brackish Tank

Many aquarists recommend them as they are a safer option for fish. Many parasites and diseases die in brackish waters due to the salt content. You just have to keep a close eye on its pH levels as they need hard water.

Reef Tank

Suppose you like taking on challenges and setting up a reef tank. Reef tanks are very colorful and vibrant, and they can cheer up anyone’s mood in a minute.

Reef Tank

You can have all of the rare reef fish in your home once you set up this tank. They are the most challenging saltwater tanks you will ever come across. Be ready to spend a lot if you are getting one.

20 Best Fish Tank Ideas

Here are some ideas I hand-picked for you. Keep on scrolling as these are the most innovative ideas you have ever seen.

#1- Outdoor Fish Tank Pond

Do you want an interesting addition to your boring backyard or lawn? You will love these outdoor fish tank ideas. An outdoor fish tank pond will add more stars to your lawn. Add whatever fish you like, and set up your tank with love.

Image of Outdoor Fish Tank Pond

Make sure you choose a big tank of at least 30 gallons. Some 30-gallon aquarium fish suggestions are guppies, cichlids, and tetras.

#2- Coffee Pot Fish Tank

If you have an old coffee pot lying in your kitchen cabinet, this is the right time to turn it into a fish tank for your betta fish.

Image Credits: Monster Mike Fishing

Who knew coffee pots are for awesome DIY fish tank ideas? I think you should try this, as you will not be upcycling in this. It will look super cool too.

#3- Fish Tank Garden

I know fish tanks are for fish but have you ever thought about turning your aquariums into terrariums? If you have never thought about this before, now you can consider these garden aquarium ideas.

Garden In Fish Tank

The logic behind this is pretty simple, just put soil in your tank instead of water and seeds instead of fish. Think out of the box and make your fish tank garden. You’ll be able to witness your herbs thrive just in a matter of a few days.

#4- Sculpture Fish Tank

Be a little artistic with this creative fish tank idea; add sculptures to your fish tank. Your fish would love to swim around the beautiful art pieces, and it will add more beauty to your home.

Sponge bob fish tank idea

You don’t need expensive art pieces and sculptures to get the best out of this fish tank idea. You can buy any sculpture; just make sure it is water-resistant and won’t get damaged underwater.

#5- Xbox Fish Tank

Have you ever thought about converting your Old Xbox 360 into a fish tank? If not, then you should think about it. Are you a gamer? Then I would recommend you to try these unique aquarium ideas. Use your techy and crafty sides.

Xbox Fish Tank

I am sure this would be a great addition to your living room or your gaming setup. Just make sure you don’t plug in your Xbox fish instead of your real one.

#6- Mantle Fish Tank

Aquariums are cool but can you set them on fire? Who knew you could actually have a fireplace made out of a fish tank. You will love these cool aquarium ideas.

Mantle Fish Tank

It would help if you used good quality fireproof glass for these kinds of fish tanks. Also, a chiller becomes a must for your tank in cases like these.

#7- TV Fish Tank

Watching TV can damage your eyesight; it has no benefits. Watching fish in their aquarium can lower your blood pressure and anxiety.

An OLD TV Made Fish Tank

It is the right time. Everyone should replace their TV sets with TV fish tanks. These TV fish tanks are actually the best aquarium ideas for the living room.

#8- Entertainment Center Fish Tank 

Upgrade your entertainment center today into these entertainment center fish tanks. It is a great idea to upcycle your grandma’s old furniture.

Image of Entertainment Center Fish Tank

You can convert it into any kind of aquarium, but I would suggest you set up a saltwater fish tank in it. Your saltwater fish would look absolutely stunning when they swim around your upcycled entertainment center.

#9- Built-In Wall Fish Tank

Wall-mounted aquariums never go out of style. They look amazing, and they are easy to clean and maintain. If you are getting yourself a built-in wall fish tank, make sure it is big; otherwise, it would be just a waste of your money.

Built-In Wall Fish Tank

These 29-gallon tank ideas are perfect for you if you plan to have your new home or apartment. They are just a little tricky to install.

#10- Doghouse Fish Tank

Introduce some aquatic friends to your little doggy by gifting these doghouse fish tanks. They will love playing with it. It will be an interesting shelter for your pet, and you will be able to take care of two of your pets at the same place.

Doghouse Fish Tank

You must try these cute fish tank ideas if you have a furry friend with you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a dog; your cat will love it too.

#11- Piano Fish Tank  

Let your swim flow in the melodies with these fish tank ideas for home. Get one for yourself or gift them to a music lover. It will surely be a precious gift for them.

Piano Fish Tank

Playing on a piano fish tank would be a breathtaking experience. Once you get used to playing such piano, you will find all the other pianos dull.

#12- Hanging Glass Fish Tank

Long gone are the days when people preferred glass fish bowls. Hanging glass fish tanks are the hot Pinterest fish tank ideas people love these days.

Hanging Glass Fish Tank

Even if you are out of space, you adjust these hanging aquariums anywhere around your house. They are minimal yet classy; just mount or hang them in any corner of your house.

#13- Wall-Mounted (Floating) Fish Tank

These wall-mounted floating fish tanks are different from the built-in wall tanks I mentioned before. The built-in ones are a little hard to install, but these tanks are comparatively cheaper and very easy to mount.

Wall-Mounted (Floating) Fish Tank

You can add life to your dull walls by mounting these fish tanks. These aquarium ideas are worth trying.

#14- Cave Aquascape

Get yourself an enormous tank for these aquariums’ aquascape ideas. Aquascaping is an expensive hobby that requires a lot of expertise. With these DIY aquarium cave ideas, you will be able to make your fish feel at home, at the ocean, I mean.

Cave Aquascape
Image Credits: Dennis Wong

Aquascapes are always very eye-catching. Add some beauty to your fish tanks with some aquascaping.

#15- Minimalist Betta Tank  

I love how Betta fish can stay joyous even in small spaces. They don’t require gallons of water, and they will happily accept a fishbowl. These betta fish tank ideas are for you to give your betta the best aquatic life.

Minimalist Betta Tank

You can also add a few water plants for your fish to get more area to play and hide in. Place these chic minimalist betta tanks near your window sill and let your betta enjoy their time.

#16- Tucker Murphy Pet Palace

Are you short of space? Buy your fish a Tucker Murphy Pet Palace tank. They are literally the best ones for all the newbie aquarists. Even if you are not ready to keep a pet fish, you can use these fish tanks in many other ways.

Tucker Murphy Pet Palace

Use them as flower vases, keep your decorations or grow your succulents inside them. You will not regret buying them.

#17- Payphone Goldfish Tank

For me, goldfish are the most adorable creatures that can exist underwater. I am sure would have never gone through goldfish tank design ideas like these before. A phone booth surrounded by goldfish sounds very unrealistic, doesn’t it?

Payphone Goldfish Tank

Just look how mesmerizing its look is. Whom would you like to call when you are inside this payphone goldfish tank?

#18- Pac Man Fish Tank

Are you tired of playing the same old video game again and again? Recreate the video game in your fish tank, and it will be more interactive. Bring Pac-man to the real world with a Pac-man fish tank so your fish would never get bored underwater.

Pac Man Fish Tank

This aquarium idea suits all of the gaming geeks. If you’re one, get it for yourself, and if you know, buy one for them.

#19- Haunted House Aquarium

Is Halloween around the corner? A haunted house aquarium is a must-have for everyone who loves creepy stuff, including me.

Just look at all of the spooky vibes it gives off. I am sure the fish would also love to roam around the haunted aquarium, as long as they are not terrified by them.

Haunted House Aquarium

I am in love with the black themes haunted house aquariums display. I would recommend these Black gravel fish tank ideas for your fish tank, as long as you’re not easily creeped out by stuff.

#20- Jellyfish Round Lamp

A jellyfish round lamp tank is what your bed’s side table badly needs. Stay exclusive and buy a jellyfish round lamp tank for yourself. You will love how sleek it looks. Not everyone can think of keeping a pet jellyfish.

Jellyfish Round Lamp

If you actually want to step up your game and are daring enough, keep an actual jellyfish in it. You can keep other fish too, and they are not a bad option either.

Final Verdict:

Fish tanks are often underestimated, but there is much more to them. With the right knowledge and innovative ideas, you can create a whole new breathtaking underwater world for your aquatic friends.

There are many types of fish tanks, and you just have to learn how to think out of the box. I am sure that you won’t just buy a boring cube tank or fishbowl for your fish now. I enjoyed exploring these colorful and artistic fish tank ideas. I hope you did, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 – What Type Of Fish Should You Get?

If you are a beginner, you should get freshwater fish as they are easier to maintain. Once you know how to take proper care of them, you can move to other kinds too. Some good freshwater fish options are bettas or cichlids.

#2 – What does every fish tank need?

Every fish tank needs good quality water, proper filtration, heaters (or coolers depending on the fish’s temperature), and substrate.

Some other things also include water de-chlorinator and water conditioners. And most importantly, fish.

#3 – Do fish get bored living in a tank?

Yes, fish can become bored and frustrated if their tank space is insufficient for them. Make sure there is ample space for them to swim around so they won’t get bored. Frustration among pets gets them sick, and they may die from it.

#4 – What is the easiest fish tank to maintain?

Freshwater fish tanks are the easiest to maintain. They only require basic filtration, water conditioning, and all.

Their maintenance cost is also very nominal, so many people claim that freshwater tanks are the easiest to maintain.

#5 – What is the best starter fish?

Goldfish are the best starter fish, a fish even kids love to have as their first pets. Everyone loves owning goldfish because of their low prices, lively, bright colors, and playfulness from kids to adults. If you have never had a pet fish before, you can start with a goldfish.

#6 – What fish is low maintenance?

Bettas (also known as the Siamese fighter fish) are one of the most low-maintenance fish. If you are a busy person who is always on the go, get yourself a betta fish. Bettas can also stay very happy in little bowls, so you won’t have to buy costly tank setups for them.

#7 – Can you put Legos in a fish tank?

Yes, you can put Legos in a fish tank. You’ll make it look a lot more attractive, and your fish would have a good time underwater too.

Keep in mind that most Legos will sink to the bottom of the aquarium, which may get hard to take out.

#8 – Do fish like decorations?

Fish like decorations in their aquariums as they make them feel less anxious. Decorations can bring a lot of new hiding places in the tank for them that they will love exploring. Decorate your aquarium as much as you want; your fishes would love to explore them.

#9 – Do aquarium fishes need light?

If we talk biologically, Aquarium fishes don’t really need light, but zero sunlight would make them sick.

On the other hand, light is very important for aquarium plants, and aquarium plants are important for your fish. So you can buy an aquarium light that would suit your aquarium’s needs.

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